Richard Gere Wearing A Two-Tone Perfect Replica Rolex Datejust UK in ‘Pretty Woman’ (1990)

Pretty Woman stars Richard Gere as an emotionally troubled rich dude and Julia Roberts as a sex worker who mixes work and pleasure – you know, like sex workers always do – when she falls for him and vice versa. If you can’t believe this plot, 30 years on, maybe you can believe that Gere wears a two-toned 1:1 replica Rolex UK in this movie.

The two-toned perfect replica Rolex is as controversial today as this movie was uncontroversial when it opened in March 1990, around the time when when the Menendez Brothers were arrested for murdering their parents, and the very day the captain of the Exxon Valdez was fined $50,000 in restitution for the 1989 oil spill in Prince William Sound. (And we thought two-toned Rolexes fake watches online UK were cheap back then!)

As our very own Danny Milton has argued (at great length), two-tone was at its most popular in the ’80s. Danny points out that two-tone Swiss made fake Rolex Dateust managed to convey success (gold) but also still striving (steel): “Two-tone is the physical embodiment of work-hard, play-hard – which was basically the decade’s whole mantra.” So what’s this doing in a ’90s movie? Well, technically this movie was made in the late ’80s. And the next time Gere made a movie with Julia Roberts – 1999’s Runaway Bride – he played a journalist wearing an aaa replica A. Lange & Söhne, which is even less believable than a sex worker falling in love with a john.