Cheap Rolex Air-King Ref. 14010 Replica Watches For Sale

The perfect replica Rolex Air-King developed in the 1940s as a (loosely) aviation-inspired subsection of the Rolex collection would quickly turn into the quintessential everyday Rolex, full stop. The 34mm case sizing (that wears closer to 35mm), and the no-nonsense dials with attractive 1:1 fake Rolex Air-King branding have made this particular line the most under-the-radar that the Crown offers.

It has since been completely supplanted by the Oyster Perpetual range but it’s important to remember the place that the aaa quality replica Rolex Air-King occupied in the watch world.

And today’s example from the 1990s with its simple silver dial, and utilitarian engine-turned bezel represents the tool watch aesthetic of the top quality replica Rolex Air-King in its fullest form. Taking things another step further is the fact that this is a Swiss movement replica Rolex Precision, meaning that it doesn’t have a chronometer-grade movement inside.

It’s choices like these that speak to high quality fake Rolex‘s decision to reserve some models as pure workhorses –watches meant to be worn. There is a certain charm to this particular Air-King that you just don’t see anymore.