1988 UK Best Quality Replica Rolex Day-Date Ref. 18038 With ‘Birch Burlwood’ Dial And Full Set

I want to start off this week with a message to the perfect replica Rolex Accessories Design Team: If there is anyone from the design team reading this or anyone who’s reading who knows anyone there, can we rally to bring back the fun presentation boxes? So many collectors are unaware and mesmerized by the vintage presentation boxes and other accessories.

Now back to original programming…

I have been obsessed with hunting down a nice vintage 1:1 fake Rolex Day-Date for a while now. There are so many dial variations, ranging from classic champagne to the rare and colorful “Stella” dials. And when this wood dial variant came to our desk, I had to try it on. The Crown did not disappoint me.

The notable “interesting” dial variants from this luxury fake Rolex UK also include a black onyx, tiger’s eye, green malachite, and blue lapis lazuli, to name a few. They are all beautiful in their own right, and what’s special is that because of the nature of the material each dial looks a little different. The uniqueness comes out stronger on this wood dial variant because wood grains are like fingerprints. The pattern of colors and the swirls of the wood grain is far more noticeable than the “stone” dial variety, for the most part. Some wood dials tend to be darker and brownish red and some a little lighter brown, like the one you see here.

I’m especially smitten by this particular dial since it has the perfect shades of brown which blend in very well with the gold elements of the high quality replica Rolex Day-Date. Overall, it feels seamless, from the gold case to the wood dial all the way to the gold bracelet. And the single-quickset for the date keeps me away from getting a callus on the side of my fingers from turning the crown so many times.

It’s a cherry on the top that this cheap super clone watch comes with a special presentation box and the original guarantee paper. As I mentioned at the top, I wish aaa quality replica Rolex still made a whimsical presentation box like this one which has a leather belt-buckle like design with the coronet on the buckle. Note to the buyer: Keep in mind that the buckle is decorative and not a functioning one, because everyone I know who tries to open the box tries to undo the buckle first!

AAA Quality Replica Rolex Day-Date Ref. 118238 For Sale UK

The Day-Date is one of Swiss made replica Rolex‘s tentpole watches. It has served as a symbol of power and success since its inception. Originally released in the mid-1950s, the Day-Date soon became one of the most desirable luxury fake watches to own.

The reference you see here is the 118238, which was part of the next generation of perfect fake Rolex Day-Dates released in 2000, at its launch replacing the ref. 18238 and representing the first in-production Day-Date design of the 21st century.

While in many ways similar to AAA fake Rolex Day-Date‘s of the past, the 118238 notably introduced a slightly more robust wearing experience to the classic collection, resulting from the silhouette’s broader lug shape.

Outside of its updated case shape and finishing, the dial options of the high quality replica Rolex ref. 118238 institute some smaller changes in configurations and luminous materials that are in line with the rest of Rolex’s catalog during this era. The caliber 3155 inside provided power for the quintessential 36mm cheap copy Rolex Day-Date UK look, complete with its useful double quick-set function, allowing both the date and day displays to be quickly adjusted for particularly seamless wear.