The Old 36mm 1:1 Fake Rolex Explorer 114270 Vs. The New Rolex Explorer 124270

Of course, even before I really got into watches, I knew about perfect replica Rolex. So, when I got more interested, one of the first watches I bought was actually a ’74 Rolex Datejust reference 1601. I regret that decision because it was too fast and too soon to go in that direction. This resulted in an unhappy “marriage” with the watch, and I sold it after a few months. When I bought the Datejust, I decided between it and a 36mm cheap fake Rolex Explorer, and ever since then, the latter has been chasing me around. But before we get into the details, let’s take a look at what happened in last week’s Sunday Morning Showdown.

A 36mm Rolex Explorer, please
As I said, now that a few years have passed since I bought and sold that vintage 1:1 fake Rolex Datejust, I’m back to obsessing about the 36mm Explorer. The only thing is, I have to choose which one. For me, the 36mm size is not a question. The 39mm luxury replica Rolex Explorer ref. 214270 looks too big on me, and besides, the dial also looks like it’s a bit out of proportion. So 36mm it is. But that still leaves me with plenty of options. I do want a somewhat more modern and relatively affordable version though, so let’s start with the reference 14270. But that one uses tritium for the lume (except for the last “Swiss only” iteration) and has hollow end links. I would at least like to have some proper lume, and I do like a sturdier bracelet and clasp.

So, since last year, that leaves us with two references in steel — the aaa quality fake Rolex 114270, produced from 2001 to 2010, and the 124270, which was introduced last year. And if you’re not so deep into super clone watches or the best Swiss copy Rolex Explorer specifically, you might not even see the difference between them. Both have a very similar 36mm Oyster case and bracelet. But even though they look very much alike, they’re certainly not. And that’s exactly what this installment of Sunday Morning Showdown is all about.

A superior movement
When you look at the specs of the 2021 Swiss made replica Rolex Explorer, everything makes a lot of sense. Let’s start with the movement. The 3230 movement inside is definitely an upgrade from the 3130 caliber inside the 114270. The extended power reserve of 70 hours is a nice bump up compared to the previous 48. The more efficient top copy Rolex Chronergy escapement is also resistant to magnetic fields, just like the blue Parachrom hairspring, which is also better equipped to deal with temperature changes. And both the balance bridge and the oscillator are more shock-resistant than ever. Those are all very nice improvements over the 3130 movement.

But how much am I actually going to notice those in day-to-day life? The 3130 isn’t exactly a slouch either. The extended power reserve of the 3230 is nice, but then again, I wear a different Rolex replica for sale almost every day. Knowing my wearing habits, I probably won’t really notice it after all. But what I did notice when I tried out both references was that, even though they almost look exactly the same, there are still enough differences in their appearance to make them feel completely different on the wrist. Let’s take a closer look.